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Age 12-14 Videos

Learn more about the Age 12-14 level, see what makes it unique, and look at many of the projects you will finish over the year.
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Unboxing Age 12-14
See everything that is included in the Age 12-14 Full Year Package.
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What Will Your 13-Year-Old Do This Year?

Will she read...

  • Six novels, a poetry collection, a biography, and a nonfiction text about the history of science?
  • Seven books about American history and civics
  • Eleven books that investigate cells, genetics, chemistry, energy, living organisms, geology, evolution, the human body, and teen health

Will she write...

  • letters and journal entries,
  • a variety of poems,
  • a script for a play,
  • a personal narrative,
  • a short fantasy story,
  • a five-paragraph research essay, and
  • descriptive, persuasive, cause/effect, comparison/contrast, and problem/solution pieces?

Will she explore...

  • the history of the US,
  • chemistry and biochemistry,
  • how the US government works,
  • organisms and genetics,
  • health and the human body,
  • the history of her own state, and
  • energy, matter, and geology?

Will she create...

  • a living history performance,
  • mitosis models out of clay,
  • a government lapbook,
  • a rubber band car,
  • a time capsule,
  • an electromagnet, and
  • the design for an imaginary new organism?

He will do all this and more if he uses the Age 12-14 level this year.


The Age 12-14 level of Moving Beyond the Page is the second and final level in our middle school homeschool curriculum. When your child finishes this level, he will prepared to excel in high school science, social studies, and English. Over the two years of middle school he will receive one semester of instruction in each of the following subjects — Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In social studies he will have an appreciation for the course of human civilization for every corner of the globe as well as an understanding of American history and government. The language arts program is a great precursor to high school English as students will do in-depth literature studies and rigorous writing assignments while continuing to improve grammar knowledege and application. When your homeschooler finishes our middle school curriculum, he will be well prepared for high school.

The Age 12-14 level of curriculum is the second year of middle school homeschool curriculum. In this level students take responsibility for formulating their own ideas and directing their day. All units are student directed. The primary lesson plans are written for your child to read and follow. As a parent, you will still be actively involved. We provide parent overviews of each lesson that include descriptions of the activities and answer keys for you. There are still many activities and opportunities for you to work with your child.


  • Able to read and comprehend novels at an 8th or 9th grade reading level
  • Able to write multiple paragraphs on a topic
  • Can write a five-paragraph essay
  • Usually used by children in the eighth grade

Using the 12-14 Curriculum

The Age 12-14 level has a flexible design that allows you to tailor a program to meet your needs. You can use the curriculum in each of the following ways:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum
    With Moving Beyond the Page science, social studies, and language arts, all you need to add is math for a full year of homeschooling that will engage and challenge your gifted child.
  • Complete Language Arts Curriculum
    Purchase all 10 literature units and teach your child vocabulary, grammar, writing, spelling, story elements, and figurative language while developing a love of literature.
  • Complete Science Curriculum
    Purchase all 10 science units for a year-long science curriculum.
  • Complete Social Studies Curriculum
    Purchase all 10 social studies units for a year-long social studies curriculum.
  • Supplement Any Existing Curriculum
    Pick a science or social studies topic that piques your child's interest or a book that she will enjoy reading and supplement your current homeschool curriculum. Everything in our program is available to purchase individually.

What's New and Different for Age 12-14

Each day, students will do three lessons — one in science, one in social studies, and one in language arts. In earlier levels of Moving Beyond the Page, students only did two lessons each day — one in science or social studies and one in language arts. The topic of the language arts unit will tie into either the science or the social studies unit, so children will still be receiving interdisciplinary instruction in the middle school years. This is a hallmark of Moving Beyond the Page that we want to continue through the middle school levels.

The full-year curriculum package contains 10 literature units, 10 science units, and 10 social studies units. All units are broken down into daily lesson plans. Students will move through the units together. When they start unit 1 in language arts, they will also begin unit 1 of science and unit 1 of social studies. The knowledge gained in the science and social studies units are reinforced through the corresponding literature unit.

The list below shows how the science, social studies, and language arts units line up. This list is subject to change as development on this level proceeds during the year.

Social Studies
Language Arts
Semester 1
Unit 1. Revolution
Unit 1. Atoms
Unit 1. Abigail Adams
Unit 2. Civics
Unit 2. Chemical Reactions
Unit 2. Animal Farm
Unit 3. The Antebellum West
Unit 3. Energy and Matter
Unit 3. Einstein Adds a New Dimension
Unit 4. Antebellum America
Unit 4. Biochemistry
Unit 4. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Unit 5. Civil War
Unit 5. Microbiology and Cell Theory
Unit 5. Elijah of Buxton
Semester 2
Unit 1. History of Your State
Unit 1. Genetics and DNA
Unit 1. The House of the Scorpion
Unit 2. Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration
Unit 2. Living Organisms
Unit 2. Watership Down
Unit 3. The Great Depression and World War II
Unit 3. A Dynamic Planet
Unit 3. The Book Thief
Unit 4. Global Conflict and Civil Rights
Unit 4. Human Body Systems
Unit 4. To Kill a Mockingbird
Unit 5. Technology Explosion
Unit 5. Health and Nutrition
Unit 5. Great American Poets

Beyond Standards

Because all lessons are based on state and national standards, your child will learn all of the necessary skills for his age. Your child will continue to be challenged to read and write at a higher level.

Summary of Skills

The links below will take you to the Summary of Skills for each of the concepts that make up the Age 12-14 curriculum. The Summary of Skills is a list of the state and national standards that are covered within Moving Beyond the Page. This list can be useful for your own planning purposes, but it is also quite helpful when submitting required documentation to fulfill state and local reporting requirements.

Age 12-14 Common Core Alignment

Our curriculum has excellent coverage of the Common Core standards for ELA.

Science Kits and Manipulatives

The Age 12-14 curriculum provides a number of hands-on science kits and manipulatives. These kits will provide your child with a hands-on experience that is unparalleled in any homeschool curriculum. With Moving Beyond the Page, hands-on learning is not an afterthought. Not only do we design our curriculum for hands-on learners, we also provide materials to take the hassle out of gathering materials.

12-14 - Semester 1 - Science Kit

  • 250-ml beaker,
  • aluminum foil,
  • candle wax,
  • compass,
  • construction paper,
  • copper wire,
  • dynamometer,
  • funnel,
  • large cups,
  • periodic table of elements,
  • play dough, and
  • 74 more items...
12-14 - Semester 2 - Science Kit

This kit includes materials used in the second semester science units.

  • beads,
  • beans,
  • cheese cloth,
  • clear cups,
  • pipe cleaners,
  • plastic knives, spoons, and forks,
  • sealable plastic sandwich bag,
  • small funnel,
  • tape,
  • test tube,
  • wooden skewer, and
  • 33 more items...
12-14 Timeline of American History

This timeline helps children as they study the history of America in the social studies units of the 12-14 level. It is used with the American History Timeline Cards. The timeline and timeline cards are required for the social studies units at the 12-14 level.

12-14 Timeline of American History Timeline Cards

These cards are used with the Timeline of American History. The timeline and timeline cards are required for the social studies units at the 12-14 level.

Assembly Line Pony Bead Bracelets

This bracelet making kit will be used in an activity in the Antebellum America unit that teaches about working on an assembly line. Beads and string are included in this kit.

Butcher Paper (12 ft)

12 feet of butcher paper perfect for crafting.

Clear Ornament

This package includes just the manipulatives needed for the Age 12-14 language arts program. It is usually purchased with the Age 12-14 Full Year Language Arts Package -- Curriculum Only.

What Else Do I Need?

The Age 12-14 Full Year Curriculum Package covers science, social studies, and language arts. When purchased with a separate math curriculum, you will have a comprehensive curriculum for your child.


Moving Beyond the Page is easy to use without a formal schedule. Just finish one lesson each day from each of the subject areas, and you will finish in about the same time as a traditional school year.

If you prefer to plan your year out more explicitly, you can choose from one of the following schedules. Any of these schedules can also be used for a year-round schedule.

Age 12-14 Curriculum Samples

Our sample center now includes the first two weeks of lessons, for every subject, in every age level. All of the required literature and our incredible manipulative kits are included in our full year packages.