Age 10 to 12

Age 10-12 Videos

Learn more about the Age 10-12 level, see what makes it unique, and look at many of the projects you will finish over the year.
12 minutes
Unboxing Age 10-12
See everything that is inculded in the Age 10-12 Full Year Package.
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Age 10-12 Math Is Here!
Age 10-12 Now Includes Math.
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What Will Your 11-Year-Old Do This Year?

Will she read...

  • Ten novels, two short story collections, a biography, and a book of poetry
  • Eight books about geography, US history, and the history of Mesoamerica
  • Six books that investigate geology, weather, chemistry, physics, and cells

Will she write...

  • reflective journal entries;
  • formal persuasive letters;
  • a variety of poems;
  • a newspaper report;
  • a creative short story;
  • descriptive, cause-and-effect, and problem-solution paragraphs;
  • a book report; and
  • and narrative, expository, and argumentative essays?

Will she explore...

  • different kinds of maps,
  • the principles of force and motion,
  • the difference between weather and climate,
  • a variety of rocks and minerals,
  • physical and chemical changes in matter,
  • the US civil rights movement,
  • earthquakes using a Slinky, and
  • brine shrimp hatching rates?

Will she make...

  • weather measurement tools,
  • a poetry lapbook,
  • a nautical mobile or ocean origami,
  • a balloon globe,
  • a landform flip book,
  • a presentation about the rock cycle,
  • a biographical scrapbook about Albert Einstein, and
  • a World War II board game?

She will do all this and more if she uses the Age 10-12 level this year.


  • Able to read and comprehend novels at a late 6th or 7th grade reading level
  • Able to write multiple paragraphs on a topic
  • Familiar with the five-paragraph essay
  • Usually used by children in the sixth grade


  • Able to mulitply fractions, including mixed numbers, and divide unit fractions
  • Able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimal numbers to the hundredths place
  • Can graph points with positive-number coordinates on a coordinate plane
  • Able to find the volume of rectangular prisms

What's New and Different for Age 10-12

The Age 10-12 level has the same structure of the Age 9-11 level that preceded it. All units are student directed, so students take responsibility for formulating their own ideas and directing their day. The primary lesson plans are written for your child to read and follow. As a parent, you will still be actively involved. We provide parent overviews of each lesson that include descriptions of the activities and answer keys for you. There are still many activities and opportunities for you to work with your child.

Like previous levels of Moving Beyond the Page, the Age 10-12 curriculum covers science, social studies, and language arts. In language arts, this takes the form of literature units. This enables your child to learn all of his language arts content in an engaging format that centers around interesting stories and characters. We continue to tie in science and social studies, but instead of doing this within each lesson, we do it thematically. When children study the ocean in science, they will be reading a book about a man and a boy that get lost at sea. When they are studying immigration, they will read a story about a girl that immigrates to the United States from Germany.

There are a total of 12 literature units that accompany the Age 10-12 level. They are each designed to accompany one of the 12 science / social studies units that make up the year-long curriculum package. All units are broken down into daily lesson plans. When you begin lesson 1 of a science / social studies unit, you will also begin the first day of the corresponding literature unit. The knowledge gained in each science and social studies unit is reinforced through the corresponding literature unit.

The list below shows how each of the science and social studies units line up with the language arts units.

Science and Social Studies
Language Arts
Concept 1: Environment and Cycles
Unit 1. Weather and Climate
Unit 1. The Wanderer
Unit 2. Geography and Landforms
Unit 2. The People of Sparks
Unit 3. Our Changing Earth
Unit 3. Short Stories
Concept 2: Force and Power
Unit 1. Slavery and the Civil War
Unit 1. Bull Run
Unit 2. Force and Motion
Unit 2. Albert Einstein
Unit 3. World Wars I and II
Unit 3. Number the Stars
Concept 3: Change
Unit 1. Matter
Unit 1. Tuck Everlasting
Unit 2. Civil Rights
Unit 2. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Unit 3. Chemical Change
Unit 3. The Giver
Concept 4: Systems and Interaction
Unit 1. North and South America
Unit 1. Esperanza Rising
Unit 2. Cells
Unit 2. The Tree That Time Built
Unit 3. Incas, Aztecs, and Maya
Unit 3. Secret of the Andes
Math Units
Unit 1. Operations
Unit 2. Integers and Rational Numbers
Unit 3. Ratios and Percentages
Unit 4. Algebraic Expressions
Unit 5. Algebraic Equations
Unit 6. 2D Geometry
Unit 7. 3D Geometry
Unit 8. Statistics
Unit 9. Skills Review

In the Age 10-12 curriculum, your child will explore all subject areas using a hands-on and investigative approach. Oftentimes, homeschoolers are only taught reading, writing, and math during the elementary years, but a truly comprehensive curriculum will expose them to science and social studies as well. These subjects can be the most engaging and exciting for a young child. The curriculum is also filled with quality literature to enjoy with your child.

Beyond Standards

Because all lessons are based on state and national standards, your child will learn all of the necessary skills for his age. Your child will continue to be challenged to read and write at a higher level.

Summary of Skills

The links below will take you to the Summary of Skills for each of the concepts that make up the Age 10-12 curriculum. The Summary of Skills is a list of the state and national standards that are covered within Moving Beyond the Page. This list can be useful for your own planning purposes, but it is also quite helpful when submitting required documentation to fulfill state and local reporting requirements.

Age 10-12 Common Core Alignment

Our curriculum has excellent coverage of the Common Core standards for ELA and Math.

  • English Language Arts
    Review our alignment with the Common Core Standards for Language Arts.
  • Math
    Review our alignment with the Common Core Standards for Math.

Science Kits and Manipulatives

The Age 10-12 curriculum provides a number of hands-on science kits and manipulatives. These kits will provide your child with a hands-on experience that is unparalleled in any homeschool curriculum. With Moving Beyond the Page, hands-on learning is not an afterthought. Not only do we design our curriculum for hands-on learners, we also provide materials to take the hassle out of gathering materials.

10-12 - Math - Materials Kit

  • 3-hole drilled card stock,
  • construction paper,
  • fine point dry-erase markers,
  • laminated grid,
  • number cards,
  • symbol cards,
  • index cards,
  • laminated coordinate plane,
  • ruler,
  • half sheets of card stock,
  • die-cut shapes, and
  • 5 more items...
Age 10-12 - Semester 1 - Science Kit

  • balloon,
  • compass,
  • drinking straws,
  • human-powered light bulb,
  • paper cups,
  • push pin,
  • red and blue food coloring,
  • shoelace,
  • small cups,
  • thermometers,
  • 2 sealable plastic bags, and
  • 33 more items...
Age 10-12 - Semester 2 - Science Kit

  • 9-volt battery,
  • alligator clips,
  • aluminum strip,
  • clay,
  • clear plastic bottle,
  • copper strip,
  • drinking straws,
  • glass marble,
  • iron strips,
  • medium balloon,
  • mystery elements, and
  • 39 more items...
Air Dry Clay -- Terra Cotta, 2.2 lb

Easy-to-use clay to make durable forms with no need for baking in an oven or firing in a kiln.

Beyond Roots

Beyond Roots is a deck of cards featuring common Latin, Greek, and English roots and their meanings. Students use the cards to play games to help them learn the roots' meanings. Visit the Beyond Roots webpage to view game rules.

Brine Shrimp Eggs

Brine shrimp eggs will be grown during the Cells unit. Store in freezer until ready to use. Do not eat.

Dolphin Bead Materials

This materials kit includes the approximately 150 beads and 17 safety pins needed to finish the Dolphin Bead activity in Lesson 3 of The Wanderer Literature Unit.

Fossil Excavation Mini Kit

This exciting kit allows you to experience the fun and discovery of geology on a small, home-friendly scale. Included are a digging tool, a dusting brush, a magnifying lens, and one excavation block, which contains 2 real fossils, awaiting your diligent digging. The contents of your unique excavation block will remain a mystery until you extract them, but possibilities include Sea Urchin, Brachiopod, Crinoid Stem, Gastropod, Coral, Sand Dollar, Shark Tooth, or Clam! Turn your kitchen table into a dig site and uncover the remnants of the past with this great kit! Features: Allows you to excavate 2 real fossils. Includes digging tool, dusting brush, magnifying lens, and one excavation block. Educational and interactive geological fun. Printed fossil guide included.

Incas, Aztecs, and Maya Timeline Cards

These cards are used with the Timeline of Ancient Civilizations during the Incas, Aztecs, and Maya social studies unit.

Parts of Speech Cards

This laminated page of grammar symbols is used in the literature unit Tuck Everlasting.

World History Timeline

This timeline is used in both the Age 10-12 level and then again in the 11-13 level as children study ancient cultures from around the world. It will help to give children a visualization of what was happening in different parts of the world at the same time. This timeline will be used with the timeline cards for each of the areas studied.

What Else Do I Need?

If your child is not yet writing in cursive, you will probably want to supplement with a cursive handwriting program.

The Age 10-12 Full Year Curriculum Package covers science, social studies, and language arts. When purchased with a math curriculum, you will have a comprehensive curriculum for your child.


Moving Beyond the Page is easy to use without a formal schedule. Just finish one lesson each day from each of the subject areas, and you will finish in about the same time as a traditional school year.

If you prefer to plan your year out more explicitly, you can choose from one of the following schedules. Any of these schedules can also be used for a year-round schedule.

Age 10-12 Curriculum Samples

Our sample center now includes the first two weeks of lessons, for every subject, in every age level. All of the required literature and our incredible manipulative kits are included in our full year packages.