What Is Interdisciplinary Curriculum?
published on 5/22/2023 by Keith A. Howe

Let's step into the shoes of an eight-year-old boy who's beginning a science unit on sound. Imagine diving into the world of sound waves, discovering how they come to life and how they travel through space and reach our ears. He uncovers the amazing biology behind our ears, exploring how they work like intricate machines, capturing sounds and sending them to our brains. He gets to experiment with an ear model and create his own musical instruments.

But sound is more than just scientific facts; it's an incredible force that shapes our lives. The best way for a child to appreciate this impact is through story. 

He is introduced to an adorable 18-month-old girl, full of wonder and curiosity. Imagine her exploring the world around her, captivated by the vibrant colors and enchanted by the sweet melodies of birdsong. She's just beginning to talk, expanding her vocabulary day by day. Her world feels like a perfect symphony of joy and discovery.

Now, imagine the unimaginable. One day, this little girl falls ill, and when she awakens, her world has turned into an abyss of darkness and silence. Helen Keller, as a young girl, experienced this profound change. Suddenly, the science of sound takes on a whole new meaning. 

Sound isn't an abstract concept. It's a lifeline, connecting us to the wonders of life.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

At Moving Beyond the Page, we believe in helping your child discover the interconnectedness of the world around him. That's why we've created an interdisciplinary curriculum that seamlessly blends science, social studies, and language arts from kindergarten through middle school. With every subject your child explores in science and social studies, he will also delve into a corresponding language arts unit, enabling him to forge meaningful connections with the broader world.

Moving Beyond the Page is the only curriculum that ensures that science and social studies are intertwined in your child's education every single day, all year long, and all the way through middle school.

Unleashing the Power of Connections

We believe that interdisciplinary learning encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity in children.  By making connections between different subjects and applying their knowledge in real-world situations, children develop a more holistic understanding of the world and are equipped for success in diverse fields.

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