The Myth of Average
published on 12/5/2016 by Vicki Kircher, M.Ed.
Is there such a thing as an average student? The Ted Talk called "The Myth of Average" discusses the danger of designing student learning around the average instead of designing "to the edges."

At Moving Beyond the Page, we design our curriculum for the edges. No two students will get the same experience when going through a lesson. Our curriculum is built for students to draw from their own individual and unique experiences. There are many examples throughout each unit that utilize a child's choice, imagination, and prior experiences. For instance, each unit ends with a final project — children take what they have learned during the unit and synthesize it in their own distinctive ways. The results of projects and activities are unique to each child.

For these reasons and more, we really appreciate this Ted Talk. In it, Todd Rose explains why schools, parents, and curriculum companies should "ban the average and design to the edges." Listen to this unique perspective and then let us know your thoughts.

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