Is Faith-Neutral Science Really Neutral?
published on 5/5/2022 by Keith A. Howe

Moving Beyond the Page science is a secular homeschool science curriculum. Our science curriculum does not contain and is not influenced by religion. It really is that simple.

  • No hidden agendas.
  • Just science.
  • All of it.

A so-called faith-neutral science curriculum omits scientific disciplines and topics that either espouse or contradict a specific brand of evangelical Christian teaching. Common examples given include the avoidance of evolution, any discussions about the age of the Earth, and oddly enough in some cases -- climate change.

Faith-Neutral Is Not Neutral

We think this "faith-neutral" distinction is rubbish. Science, by definition, is faith-neutral. When you start leaving things out because of your faith, that makes it faith-biased -- not faith-neutral. At Moving Beyond the Page, we don't have a religious parent company that guides and limits our curriculum choices.* When you order Moving Beyond the Page science, you get science to the best of our ability -- with nothing left out. 

This includes

  • complete science curriculum,
  • Lots of hands-on activities,
  • Higher-level questions,
  • The most comprehensive materials kits on the planet, and
  • No surprises.

Can Religious Families Use Moving Beyond the Page?

Yes! Moving Beyond the Page is for everybody. We have many families that use our curriculum that don't agree with the scientific consensus on evolution and the age of the Earth. (Here is an example.) With Moving Beyond the Page, you stay in control of your family's education. You will get all of the science, and you can do with it as you see fit in your family. You can choose to present it and then provide opposing views, or you can choose to skip it altogether. What you won't have to do is wonder just what your children might be missing in their education.

* NOTE: Our legal company name is Epiphany Curriculum. It was named after the definition meaning, "sudden insight or great idea." Some people have confused it with the definition meaning, "Christ's manifestation to the Gentiles." Sorry about any confusion. 

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