Homeschooling Our Sons
by Kim A. Howe, M.S.
Published: 10/27/2008
"Let's examine the way our child rearing and our schools have evolved in the last 10 years. Then ask ourselves this challenging question: could some of those changes we have embraced in our families, our communities and our schools be driving our sons crazy?" — Peg Tyre

This Newsweek article discusses the recent study that showed 1 in 5 parents were concerned enough about their son's emotional or behavioral problems that they consulted a health professional. By sharp contrast, only 1 in 10 parents sought the same help for their daughters. The issues addressed in this article provide strong support for homeschooling our sons in today's world. For example, we can:
  • Give them more time to play and be little boys,
  • Save them from the plethora of boring worksheets schools assign, and
  • Create an environment where testing is not the ultimate goal of education.
Educators and school systems do not often understand learning styles and don't recognize how to motivate our boys. When we teach our boys at home, we are able to provide the hands-on exploratory-based curriculum many boys need in order to be engaged and to retain what they learn.

It may not be feasible to change society's expectations for every boy, but you can make the difference for your own child.

I hope everyone who reads this article will feel affirmed in their decision to homeschool their sons, and for parents who do not homeschool, I hope this article will give you some good ideas for how you can meet the needs of your sons. Please pass it on to others!