Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum
published on 1/7/2010 by Kim A. Howe, M.S.
Moving Beyond the Page has a unique language arts program. Some of these differences are easy to see. For example, beginning with our Age 7-9 level, children learn all their language arts through the study of 12 memorable novels. What you may not know, however, is that our approach to writing and grammar is based on current research on how these subjects should be covered. You may be surprised by some of what you learn in this presentation.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to current research and discussions of these topics.

Language Arts Overview

Links to Relevant Research

The following websites and documents will summarize some of the research findings behind Moving Beyond the Page.

Grammar Links

  • On the teaching of grammar: This link provides an overview of the research related to teaching grammar. It also includes a thorough list of references and resources for those wishing to learn more.
  • Teaching Grammar in Context: This article discusses the advantages of teaching grammar in context and also provides an extensive list of links for further research.
  • Book Review: Teaching Grammar in Context: This PDF download provides an in-depth review of the book Teaching Grammar in Context by Constance Weaver. The reviewer quotes the following phrase from the book that summarizes why we try to encourage inventive or constructed spelling in the younger years.
    "Unless an adult intervenes punitively, young children will just naturally take risks in using language; they are uninhibited by fear of failure, punishment, or embarrassment." - Constance Weaver

Writing Links

  • Research Summarizing the 6 Traits Approach to Writing: This page summarizes the elements of the 6 Traits model used by Moving Beyond the Page. References are included.
  • The Traits: This is a very practical website that shows teachers how to use the 6 traits model and how to score writing assignments using this model.
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