Free Online Access with Every Hard-Copy Purchase
published on 7/14/2021 by Keith A. Howe

Moving Beyond the Page now offers 18 months of free online curriculum access with any hard-copy curriculum purchase*. Online access is granted automatically, even if you purchased earlier this year. Once you purchase your hard-copy curriculum, just click the /ONLINE link on our website, and you can start planning your year immediately. If you purchase a singe hard-copy unit, you will get access to that one unit online. If you purchase a full-year hard-copy package, you will have online access to the entire age level. Moving Beyond the Page is the only curriculum that can provide this level of flexibility with every single curriculum purchase, making your homeschool experience even more convenient and easy to implement.

* Free Online Curriculum is available with any purchase of curriculum that includes a Parent Manual or a complete unit study. Purchases that only include Student Activity Pages do not receive online access to lesson plans. 

Why You'll Love Online Curriculum

  • Save Money with Siblings - Our online curriculum has a family friendly license. If you are using the same level with siblings, you can save money and print additional student activity pages yourself.
  • Access Links Easily - The most up-to-date web links from our curriculum are now just a click away.
  • View the Curriculum Immediately - As soon as your purchase is completed, you can log in and start planning.
  • Reprint Activity Pages - If your child needs to redo an activity or project, you can reprint activity pages as needed.
  • Easily Locate the Curriculum - If you misplace your curriculum book, you can simply pull up the online unit.
  • Type Answers for Reading and Questions Sections - Older children can type the answers to the Reading and Questions sections and then print or save them as a PDF.
  • Access Your Curriculum Anywhere - You can go on a road trip and still have easy access to your curriculum.
  • View Your Curriculum On Any Device - Our online curriculum is available on any phone, tablet, or computer with a web browser and an internet connection.
  • Share Your Teaching Duties - If your kids homeschool at your mom's house one day a week, your mom can use the online version while you keep the hard copy.

What Is Online Curriculum?

Our online curriculum is a digital version of our hard-copy curriculum. If you open both your hard-copy and online curriculum to Lesson 1, you will view the same curriculum. You will have access to the same projects, activities, and assignments through both the hard-copy and online curriculum.


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