Four Day Homeschool Curriculum
by Keith A. Howe
Published: 6/20/2021
Many families homeschool four days a week instead of five. The four-day schedule leaves one day free for co-op classes, field trips, or time for additional projects and extracurricular activities.

To facilitate this option, Moving Beyond the Page now offers the flexibility of a four-day schedule. Our four-day schedule details how to split up lessons to cover the same material normally covered in five days.

Four Day Homeschool Schedule

The four-day schedule lists which activities you should begin and end with on each day to finish a full week of homeschooling in just four days.

With the four-day schedule, your child will still be completing all of the material included in the five-day schedule. Each day will be longer than on the five-day schedule, but the result is an extra free day each week.

How to Use the Four Day Schedule

To view the four-day homeschool schedule, simply visit the Getting Started section of our website. Select an age level, and you will have access to a traditional five-day schedule, the new four-day schedule, or even a year-long, 12-month schedule. Our curriculum structure is flexible, and you can easily use it for any of these formats.

Here are some quick links to the four day schedules.