Creativity Is a Way of Thinking
published on 6/5/2023 by Keith A. Howe

As I sat down with my son's preschool teacher to discuss his progress throughout the year, I was taken aback by her conclusion: my son wasn't ready for kindergarten. He was literally failing preschool. Picture his art projects in your mind, and you might understand why she arrived at that decision. While his classmates' masterpieces burst with vibrant colors and imaginative scenes, my son's creations were often adorned with a few hastily drawn black lines.

His teacher went so far as to suggest that he lacked creativity. As I strolled down the hallway adorned with various art projects, it became evident what she meant. The walls came alive with adorable, engaging pictures bursting with intricate details and vivid hues. Meanwhile, my son's minimalist black line drawings stood out, lacking the imaginative touch we often associate with creativity.

Creativity Is More than Art

But here's the thing: my son is actually a highly creative individual, despite his aversion to art. Don't get me wrong, his black line drawings weren’t avant-garde modern art. He simply despised art and did his best to avoid it. However, his creativity manifested in other domains—within storytelling, imagination, and even mathematics.

We tend to associate creativity solely with artistic talent, but it extends far beyond that. It permeates every facet of our lives. It can be found in 

  • the novel solutions engineers bring to problems, 
  • the connections scientists forge among seemingly unrelated fields, 
  • the myriad ideas parents generate for daily activities, 
  • the originality and flexibility accountants infuse into their work, and 
  • the teachers who courageously take risks with unique ideas, teaching their students the value of making mistakes.

Practice Creativity Every Day

With Moving Beyond the Page curriculum, your child will practice creativity EVERY DAY. It isn't a separate subject but an integral part of her educational experience. When you learn what to look for, you'll discover creativity infused throughout our curriculum. Your child will

  • Develop her imagination, forming mental images of abstract concepts,
  • Cultivate original ideas, insights, and expressions, nurturing her own unique voice,
  • Unlock her fluency, effortlessly generating a plethora of ideas,
  • Learn to approach problems from different angles, shifting perspectives and adapting her thoughts,
  • Draw connections between seemingly unrelated topics, 
  • Find innovative solutions to complex problems,
  • Embrace taking risks, knowing that failure is a steppingstone to growth, and
  • Develop unwavering persistence in the face of challenges.

Honed Through Practice

Creativity is a way of thinking, and it is a skill that can be honed through practice. Just as daily exercise benefits us all, regardless of our initial athletic prowess, daily practice can enhance everyone's creativity. With Moving Beyond the Page, your children will engage in creative exercises every single day.

* The black and white drawing in this article is a real piece of art: Morning Meditation no.2 by Sara Hicks Malone.

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