Age 9-11 - Energy Unit - Now With a Bicycle!
published on 1/29/2016 by Keith A. Howe
We are happy to announce that the Age 9-11 Energy unit now comes with a materials kit.

The Energy unit for the Age 9-11 level can be fascinating for students. Often for the first time, they are introduced to the following:

  • experiments with light (which need flashlights),
  • activities involving color (which require four different colors of cellophane and three colors of food coloring),
  • endothermic and exothermic reactions (which involve citric acid, steel wool, and a thermometer), and
  • a host of other experiments (let's see... sewing needle, cork, scales, graduated cylinder, dowel rod, clear cups, clay, tea candle, and more).
At Moving Beyond the Page, we are committed to helping you implement a hands-on science program with as little hassle as possible. Gathering materials can be difficult, but now the Age 9-11 Energy unit — with all of the great experiments it includes — will be much simpler to complete.

And although one activity does in fact require a bicycle, we were told it wouldn't fit in the box. You supply the bicycle, and we'll provide just about everything else.
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