Curriculum for creative, hands-on, and gifted learners.
Read broadly.
Think deeply.
Learn creatively.

Your children will grow in their love of learning through our literature-based curriculum that

With Moving Beyond the Page, each day is different. Every activity is designed to instill a love of learning and creative expression.

Our curriculum is written with gifted learners in mind, but gifted strategies benefit all students.

Moving Beyond the Page is how children want to learn!

New! Choose a four or five day day schedule.

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Distance Learning Schools Love Moving Beyond the Page!

Our curriculum is a great choice for families and teachers working through a distance learning school or charter school. Our curriculum covers state and national standards while providing a unique literature-based approach to learning, hands-on activities, and critical and creative thinking skills.

What do parents say?

"...the material is fantastic and the concept is so simple, learning through literature. Absolutely love this company and my decision to buy my curriculum from them this year"

" Love that mbtp is teaching a six year old to be a literary critic! We have used used mbtp for 4 years, and I am continually impressed with how and what they teach."

"This is the most comprehensive and vigorously prepared curriculum we have encountered in our 15 years homeschooling."

"It is extremely interactive and fun for us, and is definitely a change of pace from the last curriculum we did which was mostly reading and writing (this became very repetitive for the both of us)."

What Will Your 9-Year-Old Do This Year?

Will she read...

  • eleven novels and a book of Native American short stories;
  • nine books that explore the geography, culture, and traditional stories from other lands;
  • five books related to the early history of the Americas and the US Government;
  • five books that investigate rocks and minerals, electricity, animal adaptations, and force and motion; and
  • five books that explore place value, fractions, and geometry?

Will she complete 12 major writing assignments that include...

  • personal letters,
  • business letters,
  • speeches,
  • descriptive paragraphs,
  • persuasive arguments,
  • short stories,
  • newspaper articles,
  • poetry, and
  • a book chapter?

Will she experiment with...

  • different types of soil while varying plant growing conditions,
  • outdoor composting techniques,
  • ecosystems made in jars,
  • magnets and magnetic fields and shields,
  • electric conductors and insulators,
  • batteries and motors,
  • friction and forces,
  • a balloon rocket,
  • the properties of rocks,
  • shortening and ice water to appreciate the adaptations of polar bears to their environment, and
  • simple machines like wedges, planes, screws, and pulleys to make work easier?

Will she make...

  • memories square dancing with her friends,
  • a pioneer dinner for your family,
  • airplane wings to demonstrate lift,
  • a quilt with squares from countries all over Asia,
  • a nutcracker from a European country,
  • a fraction and a decimal board game,
  • a map of an imaginary geometry town,
  • a compass with a sewing needle and a piece of cork, and
  • a world explorers card game?

She will do all this and more if she uses the Age 8-10 level this year.

What Makes Moving Beyond the Page Unique?

Developing a curriculum for creative, hands-on, and gifted learners takes a unique approach to curriculum development. Learn about the strategies we use to engage your children in an education that will prepare them for life.