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Lesson 1: Matter and Energy

Lesson Links
  1. Solar System - Sun 101 Watch this video about the Sun. After you watch the video, see if you can answer the questions in the next section. You may need to go back and watch it a few more times to get all of the information. Note: A short advertisement may play before the video starts.
  2. Inside Our Sun - A Deeper Look This video explores the processes that the Sun uses to create such enormous amounts of energy.


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Concept 1: Semester 1
+ Unit 1: Egypt and Mesopotamia
+ Unit 1: The Hydrosphere
+ Unit 1: The Pearl
+ Unit 2: A Girl Named Disaster
+ Unit 2: Africa Today
+ Unit 2: The Atmosphere
+ Unit 3: Australia and Oceania
+ Unit 3: The Hobbit
+ Unit 3: The Lithosphere
+ Unit 4: A Single Shard
+ Unit 4: Ancient Asia
+ Unit 4: Ecosystems and Ecology
+ Unit 5: Asia Today
+ Unit 5: Earth Cycles and Systems
-----1: Matter and Energy (0)
-----2: Energy and Its Source (0)
-----3: Energy Flow in Ecosystems (0)
-----4: Matter and Plants (2)
-----5: Carbohydrates, Plants, and Energy (0)
-----6: Intro to Earth's Cycles (0)
-----7: Oxygen Production and Life (0)
-----8: The Carbon Cycle (0)
-----9: The Water Cycle (0)
-----10: Energy, Food Chains, and Food Webs (0)
-----11: Farming Practices and Cycles (0)
-----12: Cycles and Stewardship (0)
-----Final Project: Nitrogen Experiment (0)
+ Unit 5: Independent Study


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