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Lesson 1: Bilbo Baggins

Lesson Links
  1. Hobbit Holes This site contains pictures of an elaborate model of a hobbit-hole created by a woman who read the book as a child.


Misty mountains cold - posted from Riverside, CA

This is Peter Jackson's (hobbit movie director) version of the dwarf's song. The lyrics are not the same as the book but I found it nice to have a tune to read it to. Enjoy!

Human Hobbit House - posted from McKinney, TX

Simon Dale and his father in law built this beautiful house in Wales by themselves and only a little help from their friends. It seems that they mostly used the materials found on the building site – the cost of construction is approximately 3000 pounds.

Concept 1: Semester 1
+ Unit 1: Egypt and Mesopotamia
+ Unit 1: The Hydrosphere
+ Unit 1: The Pearl
+ Unit 2: A Girl Named Disaster
+ Unit 2: Africa Today
+ Unit 2: The Atmosphere
+ Unit 3: Australia and Oceania
+ Unit 3: The Hobbit
-----1: Bilbo Baggins (2)
-----2: Trolls (1)
-----3: The Elves (0)
-----4: Gollum (0)
-----5: Wolves, Goblins, and Eagles (0)
-----6: Skin-Changer (0)
-----7: Spiders (1)
-----8: Elvenking (0)
-----9: Men of the Lake (0)
-----10: The Dragon (0)
-----11: Bard (0)
-----12: The Arkenstone (0)
-----13: The Battle (0)
-----Final Project: Responding to Literature (0)
+ Unit 3: The Lithosphere
+ Unit 4: A Single Shard
+ Unit 4: Ancient Asia
+ Unit 4: Ecosystems and Ecology
+ Unit 5: Asia Today
+ Unit 5: Earth Cycles and Systems
+ Unit 5: Independent Study


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