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Homeschool Curriculum for Creative, Hands-On, and Gifted Learners

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Welcome to the Moving Beyond the Page Homeschool Community Forum. This is a place for you to connect with other homeschooling parents to share ideas and support. If you are looking for ideas related to specific lessons, be sure and check out IdeaShare - a place for you to share and find ideas for specific lessons.
Giftedness and Creativity Forum
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High School Levels
Do you have current plans to develop and eventually offer high school levels of Moving Beyond the Page? Are there any plans in the works? We'd love . . .
2 59 10/21/2014
Tell me
Tell me it is ok to skip activities in a lesson if I didn;t get the necessary supplies yet. Still drinking up my 2 liter bottle of soda which we rarel . . .
2 137 10/9/2014
Social Studies Unit Test answers
Is there an answer key available for the Unit Tests? Sometimes it's nice if Dad can "grade" these on the weekends to be more involved in sc . . .
2 98 9/30/2014
Incorporating a separate math/reading program
Hi- we're beginning homeschool this year with our 5 year old, starting Kindergarten, so we are brand new to this! I'm interested in purchasing the Age . . .
4 362 9/24/2014
How long do orders take to process?
I placed an order a few weeks ago and have not received any confirmation email or notification of my order being processed. I saw some other posts bel . . .
2 186 9/11/2014
Considering Moving Beyond the Page
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Moving Beyond the Page or Bookshark
I am trying to decide whether to go with Moving Beyond the Page or Bookshark for my 5th grader. On the Bookshark website, it states that students usin . . .
5 339 10/25/2014
spelling journal
somewhere on your website I saw a pdf for the spelling journal. could someone tell me where to find it again?
2 21 10/24/2014
Just ordered! What is the typical wait?
We are in our second week of homeschooling and even though I said I'd wait to order a curriculum until I knew my kids better I ordered the first conce . . .
6 88 10/14/2014
more of a tech question
When I am trying to view all the discussion under a specific topic, it will only show me the first page and then when I press NEXT it sends me right b . . .
3 79 9/23/2014
Incorporating Other Curriculum with MBTP
I recently purchased the entire program at a homeschool conference and now I'm having second thoughts. I have been reading mixed reviews about the pr . . .
4 626 9/23/2014
Homeschooling Twice Exceptional Children
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gifted with severe anxiety and depression
My 7 yr old has severe anxiety and also suffers from depression. He was officially diagnosed with Selective Mutism and OCD at the age of 3 1/2. This . . .
7 2414 9/26/2014
writing troubles
Do you have suggestions for a child who gets easily frustrated when writing? My daughter loves a story, and used to even love to write them, but no . . .
11 1918 9/22/2014
Online Organization
(Sorry if I'm posting this question in the wrong area) So we have purchased 2 age levels of full-year online curriculum. As we wait for the shipments . . .
2 193 8/7/2014
Unsure of which level to start with
Hi there, Our son just turned 6 years old in June. Last year, we spent a lot of time just figuring things out. ,started with the online K12 public . . .
2 691 8/1/2013
Asperger and MBP
My son is a 10 year old with Asperger's Syndrome. He is gifted in reading wich is not a problem. The really hard situation comes with writing. I do no . . .
7 978 3/25/2013
Age 4-5
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Just wanted to tell you
How much we loved A is for Musk Ox! The book makes me laugh and laugh. The whole family thinks it is funny. I even had my husband read it aloud to m . . .
3 89 9/26/2014
I noticed you guys utilize ABCDARIAN reading program
What are your thoughts about Logic of English along with Moving Beyond the Page plus Right start ? Too much for a mom with lots going on already?
4 239 8/8/2014
Love the curriculum, but a few editing and manipulatives details to fix
Hello! I just wanted to say how much I love this curriculum, it's exactly what I was trying to do with a curriculum I had to use as a bilingual teache . . .
2 251 7/22/2014
when to start??
I want to use this for my girls next year. Currently they are 3.5 and 4 years old. By the time we plan to start they would be nearly 5 and just turned . . .
3 475 5/28/2014
Question on the Holiday units
I read that you do the units in order because of the way things progress. Forgive me if this seems absurd, but does that hold true for the Halloween, . . .
2 459 2/17/2014
Age 5-7
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Age 5-7: Concept 4: Change "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
I'm looking at purchasing age 5-7. I was wondering if the Grinch book is scheduled around Christmas time but since it's in concept 4 I'm thinking not. . . .
2 67 9/18/2014
I Need Major Topics for Learning Plan
This is our first attempt at home schooling, I feel a bit overwhelmed but am looking forward to the challenge. We went to a home schooling event here . . .
12 1095 9/1/2014
2005 vs 2012
What are the differences between editions for 5-7?
3 315 6/18/2014
ISO Oak Meadow Kindergarten Syllabus
Someone in the OM FB group suggested that this might be a good place to look for curriculum. :) Looking for an OMK Syllabus, thank you!!
2 452 12/9/2013
good fit for non-gifted? (possibly dyslexic/Asperger)
I am looking for a packaged curriculum for my daughter who will be 5 in August. (I need the package to pull it all together ;) ). She is currently rec . . .
2 749 7/27/2013
Age 6-8
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foreign languages
Does anyone begin teaching a language at the elementary level? Is it necessary? If so, which language do you start with and why?
1 56 10/14/2014
What to do with my 6yo
My son just turned 6 in July and is supposed to be entering first grade. This is our first year homeschooling and I am trying to find the best fit fo . . .
6 212 8/13/2014
Which level
I tried MBTP 5-7 level with my kids before but it didn't work out due to my own unpreparedness. Now I am looking for next years curriculum and I am t . . .
2 208 7/10/2014
What to do?
Hi, My daughter is technically in first grade. She just finished the 6-8 level. I am concerned that she isn't ready to read books like Charlotte's W . . .
3 282 5/28/2014
Plants lesson
Hi, We're on Concept 1, Unit 3, lesson 7 about plants. I am confused about Activity 2 "Types of plants." It seems to me none of the plants i . . .
6 303 4/4/2014
Age 7-9
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Maple Nut Berry Popcorn Balls
Did anyone get theirs to stick together? We used real maple syrup and the popcorn came out very tasty, but it would not stick together in balls. Any . . .
4 351 10/22/2014
2006 Activity Books
Hi there, I have recently purchased a gently used set of the 2006 version of the 7-9. How can I purchase the Environment and Change student activity b . . .
2 140 8/7/2014
Does S & SS Parent Manual come with Individual Concepts?
Hello! I was hoping to buy curriculum only, but one concept at a time; however, when I shop the Individual Concepts, there is no option (that I can se . . .
3 165 7/21/2014
Grade Level
I have 7 families in my homeschool group that are considering on switching to MBTP next year. I am trying to help them determine appropriate levels (a . . .
2 415 2/10/2014
Butterfly manipulative
I was wondering when exactly the butterfly cage comes into the curriculum? It says to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery so I just want to make sure I don't . . .
2 498 9/4/2013
Age 8-10
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Unit 1: Little House in the Big Woods
Hi there, In preparing my lessons for the week, I noticed there was mention of a timeline (put the date of Laura Ingalls Wilder birth on the timeline . . .
4 286 9/23/2014
I just bought Concept one
for four kids-three different levels and boy did that hurt the funding level for our charter school. I am thinking I would not be able to afford anot . . .
3 89 9/22/2014
how long does it take for you to prep and prepare a unit
I just got the curriculum and reading through it and realizing there is some prep work in terms of getting all the stuff needed and setting it up. Do . . .
1 87 9/22/2014
How would you compare the writing program in MBtP to Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)?
5 976 9/21/2014
next sequence when there are writing deficiencies...
I just listened to your writing instruction (thanks)and had a lot of epiphany moments! I'm posting this here b/c there may be others that are in this . . .
3 615 9/21/2014
Age 9-11
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Where can I direct my Math concerns?
We originally purchased Right Start Math, instantly returned it. Now we're 4 weeks into Singapore Math and realizing it's also not what we're looking . . .
4 106 10/20/2014
Hygrometery t
Although a cool concept is not working at all. I am not sure exactly why. Perhaps we are not sure what exactly to look for and the super glue is not w . . .
1 74 9/26/2014
Difference between Learning Center curriculum and regular MBTP curriculum
I am so confused by the new Learning Centers. I started one in my area, mainly to gauge interest, but also because I would love for my child to work w . . .
6 851 9/25/2014
Organizational Checklist
Has anyone made a (digital/shareable) organizational checklist for their child? Mine really prefers to see what's ahead and check off what she's done. . . .
2 96 9/23/2014
Needing "Unschooling 101" Lessons
This is our first year homeschooling our children, our oldest is 10 and has started the 9-11 curriculum. Everyday has been a roller coaster ride with . . .
3 142 9/5/2014
Age 10-12
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Advice about Siblings and mid-year start
I'm considering using this program for my 10 year old daughter (5th grade) and 12 year old son (6th grade). They are both high achievers and our moti . . .
2 57 10/16/2014
suggestion for multiple siblings kits
I know you have a consumables kit which includes additional book and supplies for another child but I think it would be good for the kids to learn how . . .
2 77 9/24/2014
activities boxes
The activity boxes are very nice. Is there anything we can do with them once we are done with them? Do utilize them for any of the experiments? Is it . . .
1 78 9/24/2014
What microscope do you suggest getting for the study of cells? We want to get a microscope for Christmas to prepare for the study of the cells.
1 68 9/24/2014
Concept 2 Unit 3 World Wars I and II.
My son is starting lesson 8, Day 2, Activity 3 and there are two areas referring to a book "The Big Book of World War II". This book was no . . .
2 72 9/23/2014
Age 11-13
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Sea Floor Model
Help. The instructions from the .gov website are great for .gov type of folks. Anyone has a finished product to show? I'm having a hard time visual . . .
1 44 10/14/2014
Pacing for the year
Is there a pace chart to use in order to plan out what lessons to do when to ensure that we are on track with finishing by June?
2 79 10/8/2014
Lithosphere, lesson 6 - broken link
The link for the animations as written is but it should be "learn" instead of "learnin . . .
3 65 9/29/2014
Forum for mistakes?
Is there a way to ask if there is a mistake in the parent key? The Pearl. Lesson 2 The Scorpion. Labeling parts of speech: "THat was th . . .
3 549 7/28/2014
Does anyone use MBTP for two years instead of the intended one?
Our 10 yr old daughter has happily utilized MBTP for the last several years. She completed the 8-10 in two years, and she has almost completed the 10 . . .
4 569 6/4/2014
Age 12-14
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customers looking into purchasing Age 12-14
Our family has greatly enjoyed two years of Moving Beyond the Page, and we just purchased the Age 12-14 in March of this year. For those considerin . . .
1 140 8/28/2014
Age 12-14 Is Now Live on the Forum!
You can now connect to other parents using this level for questions, help, and support.
6 273 8/11/2014