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Homeschool Curriculum for Creative, Hands-On, and Gifted Learners

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Welcome to the Moving Beyond the Page Homeschool Community Forum. This is a place for you to connect with other homeschooling parents to share ideas and support. If you are looking for ideas related to specific lessons, be sure and check out IdeaShare - a place for you to share and find ideas for specific lessons.
Giftedness and Creativity Forum
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Journal Ideas
Was wondering what home schoolers used for their journals and how they used them? We have not used the curriculum yet. Do you keep a journal for eac . . .
1 100 7/12/2014
Gifted/advanced 8 year old
This fall will be our first year homeschooling. I thought I was set to go with Sonlight's curriculum, but then started researching MBtP and it just s . . .
3 191 6/25/2014
Science Curriculum
Hi, I have a question about your science curricula for ages 10-12 and 11-13. There is a large jump in price for the 11-13 and I'm wondering if this . . .
6 252 6/4/2014
Do I allow a driven learner free choice?
My daughter is driven to learn. However, she does not want to do some of the projects. And she usually has a good reason for it. Should I allow her th . . .
2 218 4/28/2014
12-14 curriculum
Any word on when the 12-14 level will be released? Or more information about literature included? You are probably tired of the question, we are jus . . .
12 928 4/27/2014
Considering Moving Beyond the Page
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MBtP / Art, Music & Foreign Languages
Hello I am new to homeschooling, i'm going to start homeschooling my 8 year old this year. I have been looking around at all of the different opti . . .
1 38 7/24/2014
Curriculum Only
I am very interested in the 4-5 curriculum but with budget in mind would like to get the books through the library. If I get the curriculum-only pack . . .
4 147 7/10/2014
help placing 7 year old
Hi, I am very excited to have found Moving Beyond The Page, as I feel it will be a great fit for the way my son learns best. I do have a few concerns . . .
4 138 6/17/2014
MBtP Parent Overview Suggestion
Hi Keith! I just wanted to say that we got our curriculum for 9-11 this week. We love everything about it and are excited to delve into it! I lov . . .
2 156 6/2/2014
New to homeschooling and have questions on full curriculum
I am new to homeschooling and have been looking at different types of curriculum. At this point, since I am so new I don't really want to piece togeth . . .
2 229 5/30/2014
Homeschooling Twice Exceptional Children
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writing troubles
Do you have suggestions for a child who gets easily frustrated when writing? My daughter loves a story, and used to even love to write them, but no . . .
10 1652 7/25/2014
Unsure of which level to start with
Hi there, Our son just turned 6 years old in June. Last year, we spent a lot of time just figuring things out. ,started with the online K12 public . . .
2 523 8/1/2013
Asperger and MBP
My son is a 10 year old with Asperger's Syndrome. He is gifted in reading wich is not a problem. The really hard situation comes with writing. I do no . . .
7 806 3/25/2013
Gifted and dyslexic
I wanted to let others know that I am using this curriculum with my two children, who are both dyslexic and gifted. It is difficult to find a good fi . . .
11 3467 3/3/2013
Speech Therapy and Home Schooling
Hello I am a Speech Language Pathologist with over 25 years of experience working in the public schools. Like most, my faith in the public scho . . .
4 1043 10/19/2012
Age 4-5
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Love the curriculum, but a few editing and manipulatives details to fix
Hello! I just wanted to say how much I love this curriculum, it's exactly what I was trying to do with a curriculum I had to use as a bilingual teache . . .
2 82 7/22/2014
when to start??
I want to use this for my girls next year. Currently they are 3.5 and 4 years old. By the time we plan to start they would be nearly 5 and just turned . . .
4 330 5/28/2014
Question on the Holiday units
I read that you do the units in order because of the way things progress. Forgive me if this seems absurd, but does that hold true for the Halloween, . . .
2 296 2/17/2014
Correction: mismatched sight word directions wk 5
We are working through week 5 (we're going on a leaf hunt). The teacher manual book says the sight word should be "go" but the card shows&qu . . .
1 154 1/30/2014
Really looking into MBtP for next fall
I requested a catalog a few weeks back, and the preschool/kindergarten curriculum in the catalog is different than the site. Did it change?
1 242 10/18/2013
Age 5-7
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2005 vs 2012
What are the differences between editions for 5-7?
3 144 6/18/2014
ISO Oak Meadow Kindergarten Syllabus
Someone in the OM FB group suggested that this might be a good place to look for curriculum. :) Looking for an OMK Syllabus, thank you!!
2 318 12/9/2013
I Need Major Topics for Learning Plan
This is our first attempt at home schooling, I feel a bit overwhelmed but am looking forward to the challenge. We went to a home schooling event here . . .
9 860 8/29/2013
good fit for non-gifted? (possibly dyslexic/Asperger)
I am looking for a packaged curriculum for my daughter who will be 5 in August. (I need the package to pull it all together ;) ). She is currently rec . . .
2 610 7/27/2013
books used in the environment module
Greetings! I'd like to get some of the books associated with the 5-7 environment module in advance (I am buying the modules peicemeal) but I canno . . .
3 392 7/24/2013
Age 6-8
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Which level
I tried MBTP 5-7 level with my kids before but it didn't work out due to my own unpreparedness. Now I am looking for next years curriculum and I am t . . .
2 62 7/10/2014
What to do?
Hi, My daughter is technically in first grade. She just finished the 6-8 level. I am concerned that she isn't ready to read books like Charlotte's W . . .
3 144 5/28/2014
Plants lesson
Hi, We're on Concept 1, Unit 3, lesson 7 about plants. I am confused about Activity 2 "Types of plants." It seems to me none of the plants i . . .
6 169 4/4/2014
Additional Books Required in Supplies
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our materials to arrive, so I'm prepping the supplies for the first unit. I see that books about communities . . .
3 264 1/24/2014
Blending 6-8 with Younger Sibling
We are new to homeschooling and this definitely wasn't our plan. Nevertheless, we're here and I'm starting the 6-8 curriculum with our daughter. I'm h . . .
2 246 1/15/2014
Age 7-9
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Does S & SS Parent Manual come with Individual Concepts?
Hello! I was hoping to buy curriculum only, but one concept at a time; however, when I shop the Individual Concepts, there is no option (that I can se . . .
3 33 7/21/2014
Grade Level
I have 7 families in my homeschool group that are considering on switching to MBTP next year. I am trying to help them determine appropriate levels (a . . .
2 262 2/10/2014
Butterfly manipulative
I was wondering when exactly the butterfly cage comes into the curriculum? It says to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery so I just want to make sure I don't . . .
2 358 9/4/2013
Online versus Traditional
Greetings, all. My husband will start homeschooling in a few weeks and we are very excited. We just received the "big boxes" in the mail f . . .
2 497 7/2/2013
Help with a Storybook with a problem, three events, and a solution
I'm having a hard time with lesson 2 of the Sarah, Plain and Tall unit. I can't seem to think of a picture book with a problem, three events, and a so . . .
2 430 6/20/2013
Age 8-10
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Concept 3 unit 1 Africa and Asia
I just want to say how great this unit is. And, how frustrating. Here is the issue: there are very few good books or web sites on so many of these . . .
3 146 5/6/2014
Experiment Failure [Inclined Plane]
We are in the Work, Tools, and Simple Machines unit, and we just had an experiment failure. I'm not sure how to fix the problem. We were doing the e . . .
6 238 2/4/2014
How to use vocabulary
I am looking at my "Little House in the Big Woods" material and I see that there are vocabulary words right at the beginning, but there are . . .
2 432 10/15/2013
To tear or not to tear
Hi! I'm brand new to MBTP; my big box of 8-10 materials arrived yesterday. The program looks fantastic and we are eager to begin next month. My dilemm . . .
9 697 10/4/2013
Parent Manual
Hi, im trying to purchase the 8-10 Students Books only and the parent manuals... I find the Student Books in the purchase individual list but I don't . . .
3 450 9/4/2013
Age 9-11
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Technology and Invention Lesson5 inventor's workshop
First of all I think this is a great unit and my kids have really enjoyed it so far, especially my son who likes to build things. (I have a 10yr old b . . .
2 127 5/2/2014
Difference between Learning Center curriculum and regular MBTP curriculum
I am so confused by the new Learning Centers. I started one in my area, mainly to gauge interest, but also because I would love for my child to work w . . .
4 682 4/24/2014
Oregon Trail software
We went to start the Oregon Trail game today. My son was so excited! We had a MacBook Pro. It should work, but it keeps saying the files are null . . .
2 170 4/2/2014
The Water Cycle
Does anyone have a completed picture of the water cycle from The Living Seas, Lesson 2? I'm not sure if my son's is correct and some answers seem dif . . .
3 147 3/24/2014
Energy: Light
I have a question about the section on light in the Energy unit. Page 100 says |when you shine it through blue and green, you make the color cyan . . . .
2 124 3/17/2014
Age 10-12
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Any other options for a ebook for Short Stories by Avi?
Hi. My son is working through the Short Stories by Avi Lit. Unit. Short Stories is out of print and there is a link that sends me to Google books for . . .
3 83 6/18/2014
Considering MBTP for next year - Questions
I am considering MBTP for next year. I have twin 10 year old boys. One is reading at a 9th grade level and the other at a late 5th grade early 6th g . . .
2 122 4/24/2014
Reaction Card Game
I'm wondering where to find the Reaction card game for Chemical Change, Lesson 2? I didn't find anything online for the game. Thanks!
2 120 4/21/2014
Different version of War, Terrible War
Hi, I'm new here! We just started the Civil War unit, and it seems the edition of War, Terrible War by Hakim that we borrowed from the library is a d . . .
1 204 11/27/2013
Where does book 9: War Peace and All that Jazz fit in the Concepts?
I've sorted out all the others, but I don't see where it is required in the workbooks.
2 336 9/18/2013
Age 11-13
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Forum for mistakes?
Is there a way to ask if there is a mistake in the parent key? The Pearl. Lesson 2 The Scorpion. Labeling parts of speech: "THat was th . . .
3 376 7/28/2014
Does anyone use MBTP for two years instead of the intended one?
Our 10 yr old daughter has happily utilized MBTP for the last several years. She completed the 8-10 in two years, and she has almost completed the 10 . . .
4 418 6/4/2014
A Girl Named Disaster, Lesson 8
The activity is to make a calabash, but the only gourd that came with the manipulatives is for a project in social studies later on. Am I missing a go . . .
1 223 5/20/2014
Timeline pages
Does anyone have a copy of the timeline pages? I dont have them and we need for lesson 1. Where do I find them?
4 485 11/6/2013
hydrosphere, lesson 8, graph
Anyone have a completed picture of the graph your child did on this lesson? We are having different opinions (and I'm feeling stupid!)
1 225 9/5/2013
Age 12-14
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Age 12-14 Is Now Live on the Forum!
You can now connect to other parents using this level for questions, help, and support.
2 63 7/25/2014