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Homeschool Curriculum for Creative, Hands-On, and Gifted Learners
Payment Plan Detail

Moving Beyond the Page is proud to offer a payment plan that will help parents fit our quality literature-rich curriculum into their budget. When deciding upon a payment plan, there are a few details you should keep in mind:

  • Payment plans are available for any purchase meeting the following criteria:
    • over $400,
    • paid with a credit card, and
    • shipped within the United States.
  • The first payment will be charged to the credit card on the date of purchase. Subsequent payments will be processed on or after the first day each month.
  • Customers are required to keep a valid credit card on file for the duration of the payment plan. In the event that a credit card is canceled or is no longer valid, customers will be asked to provide a valid credit card number or to settle their account in full within 30 days.
  • There is a processing fee associated with our payment plans. This fee is non-refundable after the 30-day return policy has expired.
  • Payment plans cannot be canceled once the 30-day timeframe outlined in our return policy has elapsed.
  • Moving Beyond the Page performs a credit check for each payment plan before the order is shipped. Most of our customers will receive their full order right away. If the credit score is below our minimum threshold, we will ship the order in multiple shipments. You will receive your first shipment immediately, and subsequent shipments will be sent on a predetermined shipping schedule that enables you to continue homeschooling without interruption.

The following example compares the various payment plans for a $400 purchase.

duration processing fee # of payments payment amount total paid
pay now 0.00% 1 payment $400.00 $400.00
3 months 5.00% 4 payments* $105.00 $420.00
6 months 7.00% 7 payments* $61.14 $428.00
9 months 9.00% 10 payments* $43.60 $436.00
* The final payment may vary by a few pennies to account for rounding discrepancies.

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